Rec-Tangled Garden

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“Rec-Tangled Garden, Study”

12” X 16”


Hand painted cotton; Heat-altered synthetic textiles; Painted fusible web; Copper; Various threads

Free motion embroidery; Metal embossing; Watercolour pencil altering


Artist Statement:

The result of a group exploration / study by Connections, a fibre arts group, of the painting by J.E.H. MacDonald , a member of the Group of Seven, this panel was a personal challenge.  It required considerable experimentation of a variety of techniques and materials I typically apply to my textile and mixed media work, in order to create a work which satisfied my own creative approach, while remaining true to the original painting.




Celebrate the Seven by 'Connections' fibre arts group:

Wellington County Museum, Fergus, Canada, 2014

Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre, Oakville, Canada, 2014


Gallery 121, Belleville , ON, Canada, 2015