Spiders & Leaves l

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“Spiders & Leaves l”

23” X 43”


Silk; Hand-painted fusible web bonded to hand-painted brown paper, with inclusions (Angelina); Linen; Cotton; Rayon chiffon; Synthetic fabrics; Kozo; Aluminum; Various threads; Foil; Metallic mesh; Skeleton leaves;Textile paint; Tyvek; Glass tile; Various beads

Thermo-fabrication (heat gun applied to synthetic materials); Discharge; Free machine and hand embroidery; Sheer overlay; Transfer foiling; Embossed metal; Block printing; Hand stitching and beading

Additional Information:

Beginning with a motif taken from a photograph of 2 oak leaves, several images were created using a variety of techniques. Other ‘found’ leaves were added to the collage built upon a base fabric resembling the forest floor. Nestled in the debris can be found three Wolf spiders, and 9 tiny bugs, their prey.

Private collection