String of Pearls

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“String of Pearls”

43.25” X 34.25”


Hand painted cotton, textile paints; Commercial fabrics; Kozo; Various threads and cords; Silk; Angelina; Metal; Shiva oil stick; Glass beads, Shells and fresh water pearls

Hand painting; Collage; Bobbin stitching; Free machine embroidery and quilting; Metal embossing; Block printing; Shiva oil stick rubbings; Transfer foiling; Heat application with a blow torch; Moulded silk paper; Hand beading

Artist Statement:

Beginning with the shell, now a permanent part of the art piece in the lower right corner, various methods were applied to replicate this shape – a print block was carved and repeat printed, as well as foiled; a colour metal image was embossed; silk paper was made and moulded around the shell. The bead trail of fresh water pearls was the final addition to bring all the vignettes together.

This piece is all about texture for me – even the title has echoes of saxophones playing in a tight harmonic, chordal line, creating auditory texture in the mind. Many hours were spent combing beaches in the Atlantic Provinces of Eastern Canada, collecting the shells hanging from the fringe. Photos were taken of wonderful messes of seaweed, driftwood bits and other textured ‘stuff’ deposited there by the sea, and used as inspiration.


This piece was exhibited as part of the Arts & Letters, The Rooms, Provincial Art Gallery of Newfoundland & Labrador, St. John’s, NL, Canada, June to September, 2008


Permanent Collection of The Rooms, Provincial Art Gallery of Newfoundland & Labrador, St. John’s, NL, Canada