The Go Between

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“The Go Between”

70” X 65”

(Folds into 3 panels, each 21.5 inches wide)


Hand-painted silk (by the artist); Commercial fabrics: synthetic satins and lining, lamé, chiffon, organza and tulle, metallic mesh; Copper; Painted Tyvek; Painted Heat Away stabilizer; Angelina; Glass beads; Chenille cord and Rayon heavy thread; Polyester, metallic and monofilament thread

Collage; Copper embossing; Hand painting of silk; Thermo-fabrication with heat gun; Free motion embroidery and quilting; Sheer overlay and Encasement; Couching; Bobbin stitching; Hand beading


Artist Statement:

As I sat at my sewing machine, layering stitched detail over the unique fusion of melted materials, I recognized the depth of story that always comes to life while I work on my art.  This particular story is about connections between this world and the “other”.  As this ‘divider’ sits in my living room, it acts like an ancient interface - a portal, leading us into the depths and mysteries beyond.  So, while it divides our living space, it also shifts us between our world and the next.  Where does it take you?

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This exciting addtion to our living space was created in conjunction with the woodworking skills of my husband, Michael. The wood is oak, and the metal/glass detailing on the tops of the 2 outer panels are actually garden edgings.


This piece was exhibited as part of The Grand National Show: Off the Wall, in Kitchener, ON, Canada, 2010

Received the "Viewer's Choice Award"


Private collection of the artist