Timeless Message - Front

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Timeless Message - Inside

Inside View

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Timeless Message”

22” X 71.5”


Hand treated poly-cotton (by the artist); Hand-dyed batting (by the artist); Handmade sisal paper; Wireform; Aluminum; Leather; Cotton velveteen; Ultra suede; Tulle; Transfer foil; Brass wire; Glass cabochons; Metal and glass beads; Linen/Silk thread; Watercolour pencil; Metallic yarns; Cellulose paste; Alcohol inks; Rayon, metallic and monofilament threads

Free motion embroidery and quilting; Raw edge appliqué; Tea dyeing, scrunch painting and flour resist; Metal inking, embossing and fabrication; Toner transfer; Hand painting; Foiling; Machine couching and bobbin stitching; Hand couching

Artist Statement:

Following is the message printed on the scroll:

Herein lies the law imprinted on the hearts of all:

Woe betide those who seek to harm
        or destroy that which breathes, exists, lives,
        or has essence or potential of life

Seek thee not to rule over, subjugate
       or deny the interdependent web of all existence

Ascribe not to any soul that which is undesirous for thee

Blessed are those who chooseth the loving path

With an oracular voice, the timeless message inscribed upon this manuscript is one found in all the major religions of our world. It is eternal and secure, guarded here by the Fates: the spinner, the weaver and the cutter, in the form of three spiders. Said to have been found in the Archives of Destiny, this missive is looking to the future while simultaneously superimposing it on the past. The encompassing magnitude of this directive has grave urgency. A world of tomorrows is at stake – action must be taken.


This piece was exhibited as part of The Grand National Show: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, ON, Canada, May to July 2008