Cathedral Woods

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“Cathedral Woods”

36.5” X 37.5”


Hand painted linen; Commercial textiles; Copper, pewter and brass mesh; Painted landscaping fabric; Painted Heat Away stabilizer; Painted fusible web, bonded with chiffon; Mica flakes; Various threads and metallic cord; Mounted on fabric wrapped wooden frame

Collage; Hand painting of linen (textile paints and watercolour pencils); Thermo-        fabrication with heat gun; Free motion embroidery and quilting; Sheer overlay; Couching; Bobbin stitching; Copper embossing


Artist Statement:

Many hours have been spent walking in the woods, with my dog, and each trip holds a new wonder and closeness with the Creator.  Many times have I heard people suggest that time spent with nature, can prompt the same closeness to the holy, as they might sense when in a grand cathedral. "Cathedral Woods" links both experiences.

Text adapted from Matthew Fox’s “Creation Spirituality”, stitched in gold thread onto the background and obscured, refers to our relationship with creation.  The use of the Chartres Labyrinth imagery relates to this as well.  The domed ceiling image originated from a photo taken on a trip taken several years ago, to one of the many church ruins in Ireland. We walk where others have walked before, following a path linking us to the holy.


Obscured text:

Look for the source of things and the relationships among them.....creation is all things and is us in  relationship with all things– seen and unseen.....whirling galaxies and wild suns, black holes and microorganisms, trees and stars, fish and whales, flowers, rocks, molten lava and snow-capped mountains, children we give birth to, the utter darkness of a rain forest at night and the beat of an African drum and the wonder and beauty found in the architecture of a cathedral.

...creation is all space, within all time.....whether the future presents itself as still more beauty or as still more pain depends upon our choices as we respond to our role as co-creators in an ever-unfolding creation.

...creation at its core is about is the spiralling, dancing, crouching, springing, leaping, surprising act of relatedness, of communing, of responding, of letting go, of being. 
We cannot live with grace..... we are not able to live peacefully, joyfully or justly with love in our hearts and not experience awe.



Devon House, The Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's, NL, Canada, 2011

Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Art Gallery, Memorial University, Corner Brook, NL, Canada, 2011

Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte, ON, Canada, 2013

St. James Cathedral, Toronto, ON, Canada, 2013

St. Francis Xavier University Gallery, Antigonish, NS, Canada, 2014


Sold to Private Collection