36.5” X 25.5”


Hand painted rag paper; Tulle; Copper and brass mesh, Aluminum; Metallic silver pen; Abalone shell embellishment; Various threads and metallic cord; Mounted on fabric wrapped wooden frame

Free motion embroidery; Hand stitching/lacing; Sheer overlay; Couching; Bobbin stitching; Metal embossing


Artist Statement:

An author looks at a blank page... an artist looks at a blank canvas. I began this piece with a hand made, hand painted/marbled rag paper purchased years ago. I looked and looked... and looked at the random image left by the golden ink... and I saw a birthing vessel, carefully cradled, but clearly breaking down, needing to be held together ever so gently. An idea takes on meaning, embeds itself in the nourishing surroundings, and begins to grow.

At what better time to think of perfection?


Ghandi text: On Art

There are two aspects of things - the outward and the inward. It is purely a matter of emphasis. The outward has no meaning except in so far as it helps the inward. All true art is thus the expression of the soul. The outward forms have value only in so far as they are the expression of the inner spirit.

All true art must help the soul to realize its inner self. Art has its value only so far as it helps the soul onward towards self-realization.

All truths, not merely true ideas, but truthful faces, truthful pictures, or songs, are highly beautiful. People generally fail to see beauty in truth. Whenever we begin to see beauty in truth, then true art will arise.

Truly beautiful creations come when right perception is at work. If these moments are rare in life they are also rare in art.




Devon House, The Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's, NL, Canada, 2011

Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Art Gallery, Memorial University, Corner Brook, NL, Canada, 2011

Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte, ON, Canada, 2013

St. Francis Xavier University Gallery, Antigonish, NS, Canada, 2014

Gallery 121, Belleville , ON, Canada, 2015