Prayers Rise Like Incense


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“Prayers Rise Like Incense”

25” X 11.75”



Hand painted cotton; Hand made silk paper (by artist) and commercial paper; Acrylic textile paints; Tulle; Cheesecloth (tea dyed);; Mica flakes; Various threads and cords; Mounted on fabric wrapped wooden frame

Collage; Free Motion Embroidery; Bobbin stitching; Flour paste resist; Sheer overlay; Toner Transfer; Thermo-fabrication (heat applied); Hand manipulated painting






Artist Statement:

The Phos Hilaron is thought to be the first hymn (by current interpretation of the term) composed. It is still used today in a variety of Christian services. A hauntingly beautiful musical setting is found in the 'Holden Evening Prayer' service composed by Marty Haugen, and was my first introduction to this ancient text. Translated, it means "Hail Gladdening Light". In Psalm 141, there is reference to our prayers rising like incense, a section of the text from this modern version.

In "Prayers Rise Like Incense", our prayers take on the form of swirling smoke as they make passage from our inner being. Imbedded in the surface of the background are sections of gregorian chant in old musical notation, or 'neumes'... the music calls to us. There is a deep bonding to what has come before in traditions of liturgy. We reach out into the beyond as we pour our hearts into our prayers. A connection is made - our prayers have been heard.



Devon House, The Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's, NL, Canada, 2011

Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Art Gallery, Memorial University, Corner Brook, NL, Canada, 2011

Invitational Exhibition , Canadian Quilters Association Conference, Halifax, NS, Canada, 2012

Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte, ON, Canada, 2013

St. James Cathedral, Toronto, ON, Canada, 2013

St. Francis Xavier University Gallery, Antigonish, NS, Canada, 2014



Sold to Private Collection