Dark Night of the Soul

“Dark Night of the Soul”

13” X 42”


Commercial cotton and synthetic fabrics; Hand-painted thermo-gauze; Rayon and metallic embroidery and monofilament threads and cords; Leather; Textile paint; Transfer foil; Sequin waste; Glass beads

Free machine embroidery; Couching; Bobbin stitching; Thermo-fabrication; Foiling; Hand beading; Machine quilting

Artist Statement:

There is a seeking of the soul, for all that is good and pure. When a person is able to let go of the ‘self’, and begin the journey of the dark night, it is said to be a journey of intense happiness.

It is this intensity with which the creating process flows, with a passion and appetite for more, and at the same time oblivious to the ‘self’. The path of creativity is a search for the perfect, akin to the divine union of the soul with God.

Private Collection

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