Melting Down of Endings

“Melting Down of Endings”

47” X 18"


Commercial cotton, organza, net, satins, felt and other synthetic fabrics; A large variety of thread and cording; Glass and metal beads and bells; Hand made beads; Wire; Bronzing powder; Brass shim; Foil; Textile paints; Webbing spray; Sequins and mylar bits; Semi-precious stones

Free machine embroidery and appliqué; Bobbin stitching; Couching; Hand beaded accents; Foiling; Encasement; Machine quilting; Heat gun application / Thermo-fabrication

Artist Statement:

Preparations were being made for a move in my family’s life. Thoughts were turning toward goodbyes. As this piece came together, there was a sense of this in the final stages of construction.

Sold to Private Collection

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