Through the Eye of the Needle ~ A Visionary Design workshop for Quilters


"Through the Eye of the Needle" ~ Rhapsody

Five Days: 30 hours

Maximum : 10

Level: For anyone ready to move beyond the usual… Results will reflect your experience level.

Come and create! Remove the shroud of mystery that covers the fear of designing. Work in a relaxed learning atmosphere with Hilary guiding your creativity while introducing unique curved machine appliqué and embellishing techniques.

Beginning with design tips and direction, you will learn to combine an array of techniques that will launch you into creating your own original art quilts. As the week progresses, you will create a fabric top that successfully incorporates curves and new embellishment techniques, to make a piece with visual impact. This will mark the beginning of a new approach to your quilting!

NOTE: Each participant will create an original work of textile art. Finished pieces will reflect the participant’s experience.

Kit Fee: $15



Magic Rainbow Treasure Trove

Five Days: 30 hours

Maximum: 12

Level: For anyone with an adventurous spirit

Are you ready for something new? Or maybe you are feeling like the spark has gone from your creativity? Here is the answer - a workshop that is action packed with more exciting creative experiences than you could possibly imagine. What could be better? (And it will be fun too.)

The list of techniques goes on for so long, there isn’t room here to print it all. But, let it be known that you will be building your very own “tome” – examples made in textiles, pages made of textiles, wrapped in textiles, bound in textiles. It will be full to overflowing…

Prepare to be amazed!

NOTE: Each participant will create a textile reference book each page referencing a new surface design technique.

Kit Fee: $20

Magic Rainbow

" Magic Rainbow Treasure Trove" ~ Sample




Here, There & Everywhere ~ A Landscape Designing Workshop for Quilters

Spirit of the Humber

 "Here, There & Everywhere" ~ Spirit of the Humber

Spirit of the Humber - original photograph

 "Here, There & Everywhere" ~ Original Photograph

One weekend: 14 hours

(Friday evening and a Saturday/Sunday)

Maximum: 10

Level: For beginners and more experienced

Begin with a photograph of your favourite ‘curved’ view, and design your own original landscape quilt. Take a walk into the unknown holding hands with an experienced fibre artist, and create a work of art! Learn to look at your surroundings with an artist’s eye.

We will start with an explanation and demonstration of the top-stitch curved piecing technique in 3 easy steps.  Design tips and guidance for simplification and abstraction will be offered as you create the black line drawing that becomes the pattern for your landscape.  You will be shown an array of techniques that can be added to your original design as your work progresses, such as sheer overlay, watercolour and encaustic accents. A demonstration of creating your own trees as off-site appliqués will be included, using bobbin-stitching, couching and free machine embroidery techniques.

NOTE: Each participant will create their own sampler using the introduced techniques. Finished works will reflect the individual’s experience.

Kit Fee: $5


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